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I am a Sports Technology law pioneer and entrepreneur dedicated to helping athletes, entertainers and consumers protect their biometric data. We are on the edge of utilizing biometric data in new ways. While exciting advancements are occurring and encouraged in the development of "smart technology" or the Internet of Things, these developments raise legal and ethical challenges. Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. Commoditization and monetization of biometric data is inevitable. As a result, effective ethics, social policy and laws are needed. In all of my endeavors, I seek to provide real-world solutions for organizations and individuals who are looking for ways to optimize the use of biometric data while respecting and protecting it.

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Athletes Can
Control & Monetize
Their Data
Athletes Can Control & Monetize Their Data
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Sports Organizations Use Athlete Biometric Data for More Than Improving Athlete and Team Performance
Sports Organizations Use Data for More Than Player Performance
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Athlete biometric data may become a key component of virtual reality and augmented reality tools and products created for and by the professional sports industry. Chris Kluwe, a former kicker in the NFL, describes how augmented reality will change sports.

Professional sports leagues and teams are utilizing wearable technology to collect athlete biometric data (ABD) to improve athlete health and safety as well as  game play. As technology, fan expectations, and the market for ABD evolve, ABD will be commodified and monetized.