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I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems in holistic and innovative ways before they become costly mistakes. The services I provide help sports industry players to  optimize opportunities while mitigating risk arising from emerging technology and big data solutions.


I am a strong and deliberate collaborator promoting cooperation across internal and external teams to create win-win scenarios. I am a relationship-builder focused on working efficiently as a team to craft solutions that mitigate risk while saving time and money.

 - Ability to identify legal and business issues specific to emerging tech, the Internet of Things, big data, cyber security, intellectual property, and consumer privacy

 - Knowledgeable about sports industry drivers and how sports strategists can capitalize on opportunities created by emerging technology
 - Thinking creatively and strategically to achieve envisioned goals while remaining detail-oriented
 - Ability to identify key strategic factors, growth initiatives and business development opportunities
 - Recognizing and analyzing industry trends, competitive landscape, and emerging technology

 - Balancing business needs with regulatory compliance and other legal requirements

 - Communicating clearly with all parties of a transaction, at all levels from C-Suite to staff, and promoting collaboration among them.

  - Experienced, high-level negotiator in a variety of areas, completing contract and licensing deals worth up to $3B
 - Ability to build consensus and experienced at aligning and driving cross-function groups
 - Exceptional project and people management skills


Use of Biometric Data Collected Via

Wearable Technology

Implications in the sports industry and for consumers who increasingly utilize wearable tech and mobile apps promoting health and fitness.

Biometric Data Collection in Minors

Regulation of the use and dissemination of personal health data belonging to minors collected via new technologies. 

Policymaking and Legislation for Consumer Private Health Information in Wearable & Injectable Technology

What legal and ethical parameters exist?

Internet of Everything

All things related to the interconnectivity of devices and people.

Cross-Border Data Flow

Data is increasingly collected across political and geographical boundaries. Whose data privacy and security regulations apply?

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