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I help athletes and organizations develop strategies to monetize player tracking data (PTD) and athlete biometric data (ABD) while also protecting athlete/owner privacy and property rights in the data.


The problem is that granular personal health information is being collected from athletes using wearable technology. Wearables, as well as implantable and injectable tech, big data capabilities and the Internet of Things exponentially increase the amount of data and new uses for the data. These new monetized uses for data create legal hurdles for leagues, teams, their data processing partners and their customers who want to use PTD and ABD (e.g., in mobile apps, video games, XR experiences, fantasy sports, and betting).

This is because there are limits on the disclosure of personal health information. There are also limits on the ability of third parties to make commercial use of PTD and ABD without athlete permission and licensure. Athletes have publicity rights in the data which entitles them to control its use and derive revenue from it. I help each party in the sports ecosystem develop strategies to derive value from the data and minimize risk of using the data in new ways as the Internet of Things and corresponding legal rights evolve.

Generate More Revenue While Optimizing Data Use and Protecting Data Rights

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